Chroniques de la compil "Brain Damage" (2001)

Nihilistic Holocaust : Here's another compilation that includes French extreme bands only. The design is quite pro but unfortunately the content is very much Grind noise shit induced! That's a shame the underground is plagued with this shit noise "spirit" that confuses the underground state of mind and the fact of doing poor as fuck music...
Here you get 40% of the bands playing some shit noise, grind noise, grind shit or noise shit whatever with LES CHIOTTES (shit metal/scato core), DETRITUS DE FOETUS AVORTE (Noise grind shit), ORGAN HARVEST (Gore brutal shit death), ROTTEN CUNT (noise shit grind core), JEAN MICHEL (Alcoholic shit metal), EXKREMENT ( "prout Thrash Black metal"), BEER VOMIT (Wanna sound funny shit noise).
The other included bands aren't all interesting (nope!), they are more serious: UNTAMED (Death grind à la old Inhumate/ Depraved), DUNGORTHEB (Melodic technical death metal), SEMPERVIVUM (Melodic dark black with exuberant sodomized nun's vocals), KRONOS (Anal oiled Brutal death), DARKENED (Heavy low tuned brutal death), WRECKER ( Uh... Death grind? uh?), HORD OF MAMMOUTHS (MetalCore with indus and Messhugah touches everywhere), APALAVIA (Grindcore that sounds very average! ), BLOCK (Cliché as fuck Death grind!!), EDICIUS (Black metal), TECLYSS (Black metal? Uh... what stupid sounding vocals! Where are the riffs??) ANARCHOPHOBIA (Poor sounding Punk), DIFTERIA (Brutal death that needs real efficiency and less demonstration!), D.H.I.B.A.C (Grindcore)... None of the bands I didn't know caught my attention and it's a shame since the French scene is better than never! Next time thanks